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Which banner you see is random and the script reloads on each refresh. You may get the same image several times in a row, it is a random chance as in each refresh is like rolling a dice. Ideally one day I will paint real landscapes to add to the banner array but for now it is simply cropped art of the characters. If I ever remove a piece from the array, I will add a new section for retired pieces, so you can see it all. Wouldn't it be nice if this site was around for awhile and this list grew to be huge?


The group pic of Demonhand, Offal, and Deja all hanging out together in a hotel room.

The dragon god of time, Kralagkos, emerging from the ground during the time period known as Before. He is massive and pitch black with purple eyes that have a purple lightning-like effect coming off of his eyes.

A red barred spiral galaxy. The background is pitch black with white stars speckling the area behind and in front of the galaxy.

Demonhand and Offal in a floaty romantic pose in the sky. To our right is two moons. Both are white. One moon is around the size of ours and it has rings like saturn, and the other moon is like a small asteroid in the original moon's orbit. The sky is a blue to pink gradient with dull white clouds in the background.

A close up of Offal's face as they hold their pole weapon and smile. The background is overwhelmingly pink, with a purple-blue sky behind pink and purple clouds.

A close shot of a mountain, its the same background as the above banner but Offal has been removed so you can see the full background.

Demonhand standing in a dark forest. He has an upset facial expression and is wiping blood from his nose. His pupils have a white eye shine to them.


A close up of Offal's face as they smile. The background is pink sunrise colors. There are dull yellow sunrays beaming down on them.

Reason for archival: Outdated and old art that's been replaced by its remake.

Last updated: 4/18/22