Welcome to the links page, the section where I dump my collection of, get this, links. Enjoy, hopefully looking at the rest of my site has whet your palate?



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Other Neocities

Gonna run on a lil system where if I revisit the page a few times and notice myself doing it I'll put it here and say why.

Runaway to the Stars - Fun worldbuilding stuff and an interesting story, I am currently subbed to Eaton's patreon, even!

The Lilac Lynx - A nice collection of stuff that I found interesting. I am definitely using this page as inspiration for when I finally make a map and globe for Rhune!

pocl.v - Forever gonna be my favorite looking site on here. A ton of effects and autoplay done so very right.

OTP Prompt Generator - We can have little a tumblr vibes... As a treat.

Bogleech - Spooky stuff and other assorted oddities and funsies. I reread the pokemon design reviews way too fucking much...




Paint.NET - The main art program I use. You'll need pyrochilds plugin pack for any meaningful results.

Krita - I want this to be my main art program and am using it more and more often.

Ibis Paint X - Amazing mobile program. I like that I can just watch ads to get the paid experience.

Paint3D - Make extremely simple 3D models.


Unsplash - Free to use stock images! An excellent way to get high quality pictures and textures without stealing, if it's uploaded here that means you're allowed to use it for personal and even commercial use! This is where all of my backgrounds come from!

Magic Poser - Trying to draw but can't find a reference for that one highly specific pose you've got pictured in your mind's eye? With this, you can easily pose a 3D model of a human however you want and use that as a reference!

Fantasy Name Generators - I owe this website my life.

Photomosh - [FLASHING COLORS WARNING] A site where you can add tons of cool effects to a picture and save it as a PNG, GIF, or WEBM!

Pedro Medeiros' Pixel Art Tutorials - What I reference when making my own pixel art.


W3 Schools - Lots of coding tutorials, I owe this website my life also.

Codepen - Lots of fancy premade codes! Keep in mind, fancy means very advanced, I struggle with getting this stuff to work lol.

Sadgrl's Layout Builder - Generate a mobile-friendly layout to use as a base for you website. This was my reference for the new layout.

Coding Tidbits - A google doc folder with fun coding tidbits I've gathered. Stuff like cursor trails and stuff, credit left intact.


Vimm's Lair - You want a safe place to download video game roms from, don't you?

Mynoise - Soundscapes for background noise. Personally, I select nature sounds and play it over my computer speakers as I fall asleep every night, helps with the tinnitus. But there's some soundscapes that are meant to sound like you're at a location, from cafes to a medieval village. I'm sure that could help set the mood for writing and drawing.

Gifcities - The most delicious collection of gifs of all time.