Rhune is a small habitable planet in a far away star system located within a red barred spiral galaxy. There are a lot of sections in this, god forgive me for using so many h1 tags, I know I'm not supposed to but it's only just this once.

- Has rings
- Atmosphere is thinner?
- Sky is darker blue?

Number Stuff

Compared to Earth

Radius Rhune's radius is 0.75 that of Earth's
Rhune: 7.36 m/s². Earth: 9.807 m/s²
Distance from Sun
Rhune: 0.404 AU. Earth: 1 AU
Day Length
Rhune: 23.9 hours. Earth: 24 hours
Year Length
Rhune: 161 days. Earth: 365 days
Rhune: around 21°. Earth: around 23°


Because Rhune is significantly closer to its sun, its years are significantly shorter than Earth years. One year on Rhune is 161 Earth days, which is a little over 5 Earth months.

One day on Rhune is 23.9 Earth hours, just 54 minutes shorter than a day on Earth! This means that one Rhune year is 114 Rhune days.


Rhune’s gravity is 7.36 m/s². For comparison, Earth’s gravity is: 9.807 m/s², our moon’s gravity is 1.62 m/s², and Venus’ gravity is 8.87 m/s².

Having less gravity means that people can jump higher and weigh less on Rhune. If a person who weighed 154 lbs (70 kg) on Earth they'd weigh 114 lbs (52 kg) on Rhune. A that person can jump 1.5 feet (45 cm) high on they'd jump 1.9 feet (60 cm) high on Rhune.

Rhune's escape velocity is 8.39 km/s. Earth's escape velocity is 11.2 km/s.

Weight on Earth ÷ 9.81 * 7.36 = Weight on Rhune

Earth jump height * 1.33 = Rhune jump height

Important Celestial Bodies

Ruuriga, the sun

A relatively small and cool star that is the center of Rhune's star system. Was it named after the dragon god, or was the dragon god named after it?

Tosth, the original moon

The moon that's been here since before life on Rhune was present. It is a little bit larger than our own moon.

Maldrend, the alien moon

The source of magic on Rhune. A small broken asteroid that entered Rhune's orbit only a few thousand years ago. It first crashed into Tosth, causing many chunks of itself to become Rhune's rings or even fall down onto the planet, and it's covered in the physical manifestation of magic. Magic is amplified when it is visible in the sky.

Extended information


Rhune's star system is in a red barred spiral galaxy. The red color comes from a presence of hydrogen and sulfur, along with the light bouncing off the excessive amounts of space dust.

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