- Originally very earth-like, only humans.
- War broke out
- The chaos broke open veins of physical magic
- Humans were terrified of this and also the dragon gods awoke so it was like scary
- Humans all hid in bunkers. Froze themselves? Or just lived there?


First Epoch

- The unregulated magic rapidly mutated all creatures causing evolution to accelerate
- Kralagkos absorbed the magic as fast as he could but this still took hundreds of years
- By the end of the 1st epoch, multiple sapient species had evolved


Second Epoch

- The sophonts begin to form societies
- The dolorvirr were specifically high population and advanced rapidly
- There was an attempted monarch named King Singeles
- Singeles was terrible and also banned basytier from hunting on his land
- The basytier and dolorvirr rebels overthrew him
- These rebels formed a group that went around making sure no monarchies n shit ever formed again


Third Epoch

- I think this is when the humans re-emerge?
- 200 years before present day


Fourth Epoch

- Humans begin to experience mutations from the magic in the air, they are not used to it as they did not evolve with it like the others. Elves and satyrs become two recognized human subspecies.
- 100 years before present day


Fifth Epoch

- Present day

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