AVERAGE HEIGHT: 8'5 feet / 256 cm
Expected Lifespan: ~115
Element: Water
Evolutionary Origin: Snowy Mountains


The sirrcay are a species of tall, slender mammals. Their winter coats are thick and insulated, and their summer coats aren't much thinner. They are the tallest people on Rhun, easily averaging at around 8 feet tall. Their long necks and torsos help with that statistic! Their tails are very long as well, usually being around the same length as the rest of their body.

They go through two different coat colors a year. In fall and winter, they have cool-toned furs, and in the spring and summer, they have warm-toned furs. They are actually pretty closely related to Dolorvirr.


Sirrcay religion usually centers around the concept of warmth. Which is why most of their religions center are Ruuriga, the dragon god of heat. Sun and fire motifs are very common in their decor. They also value color, due to how often their coats are shifting in color.

They are perhaps most well known for their courtship rituals, connected to a holiday celebrating the coming of spring and the existence of bright colors, which always happens right after they shed into their summer coats.


♦ They have connected teeth!


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