AVERAGE HEIGHT: 8 feet / 243 cm
Expected Lifespan: ~110
Element: Air
Evolutionary Origin: Tropical Islands


The basytier are a species of long quadrupedal carnivores. While capable of digesting plants, they would not survive on a vegetarian diet. They are usually brightly colored with decorative feather growth on various parts of their body.

Their front limbs are topped with one chitin spike each, used to impale prety from above. Their middle limbs are wings, used only to control the direction in which they fall. And their hind limbs are arms, with human-like hands. They are the only 4-legged sophont and it is widely believed that their unique, almost erratic appearance is a result of the heavy magic presence on the island of Sza-Vilor, the location in which basytier evolved. Sza-Vilor is a large tropical continent (though some argue it's an island) that's still overflowing with this magic to this day, despite the efforts of the dragon gods to keep magic regulated. This continent has massive trees that the basytier climb and leap off of while hunting.

Baby basytier have a fully aquatic larval stage that they metamorphize out of by the age of 3 cycles old. (Less than 1 year of Earth time.)


While in their larval stage, baby basytier are not very closely cared for, relativeley speaking. They are usually kept safe within fenced-in tide pools with feeder fish dropped in once a day, but that is all.

Due to how heavily valued bright plumage is to some basytier, some communities end up suffering due to their own toxic beauty standards. How bad this is varies from place to place.

In regards to interacting with other species, basytier tend to struggle due to their inability to produce some of the sounds that are needed to speak Common.


♦ While walking with one's palms down is more comfortable, it is seen as rude and crass. The expected norm is to walk on the knuckles.



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