AVERAGE HEIGHT: 4'4 feet / 132 cm
Expected Lifespan: ~110
Element: Water
Evolutionary Origin: Coastlines


Dolorvirr are furred aquatic mammals with long arms, short plantigrade legs, and two long thick whiskers on their face. Their fur is usually very short and tends to have earthy forest colors with small accents of greens or blues. Their tails are thick and fishy. They are ambush predators with very thin skin and sensitive whiskers that can sense fish moving in the water and insects buzzing through the air. But because of this, they are prone to sensory overload and skin bruising.


Dolorvirr are the most populous species of Rhun.

Many dolorvirr cultures are monotheistic, worshipping the shark moon Skargerud. Every third fall they celebrate an autumnal festival in Skargerud's honor.



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