AVERAGE HEIGHT: 5'10 feet / 177 cm
Expected Lifespan: ~100
Element: Fire
Evolutionary Origin: Sparse Forests


While extremely similar at a glance, there are a several key differences between Earthern humans (h. sapiens) and Rhunean humans (h. silvestris.) Rhunean humans evolved in a more wooded environment, and their bodies reflect this. They have small pointed ears capable of swiveling around for better hearing the muffled sounds of potential predators or prey. They have small thin tails for balancing. And their big toes stick out to the side more, almost like a gorilla's, but their feet are still more similar to a human's with a stiff midfoot and large heel.


Humans were the first sapient species on Rhune and lived as the only sophont for the majority of Rhune's existence. They had technology almost equal to 2000s era Earth, but when the asteroid Maldrend crashed into the moon and introduced magic to the world, all Hell broke loose. Many humans died, but some were able to hide underground and survive. When they emerged some thousand years later, it turned out they were no longer alone. Humans are now considered one of the "newest" species on Rhune due to their long-time absence from the world as it mutated. They are now one of the least populous species and tend to stick to themselves.



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