AVERAGE HEIGHT: 6'5 / 195 cm
Expected Lifespan: ~120
Element: Ground
Evolutionary Origin: Deserts


Despite their insect-like appearance, ximazan are mammals. They are warm blooded, and their "exoskeletons" are simply thick skin on top of their other tough, leathery skin. They have long tongues that emerge from a sheath that near the front of the mouth, speaking with a parrot-like syrinx rather than vocal cords like humans. They all have a bulge in the front of the throat where the excess tongue length is held.

Due to evolving in the desert, they've adapted very robust digestive systems and strong teeth to chew into anything. Their round stomachs are from their long digestive tracts. Ximazan have a poor sense of taste and smell, making up for it with extremely good sight. They frequently have more than two eyes. When asleep, their entire eye shifts to a darker shade and their pupils are no longer visible, as they have no eyelids. Their "pupils" are not actually pupils. They see out of the entire eye. The "pupil" simply evolved as a communication aid, similar to the evolution of such visible white sclera in humans.

They are a rather temperature-resistant species. Their armor has less nerves and tends to be what takes in the heat or cold, insulating the rest of their bodies. So to the touch they may be very hot or cold, but beneath the half-inch or so of armor they're at the perfect temperature.

They may have multiple arms, mantis limbs, wings, etc. They can have fur anywhere, but always have coarse hair under their arms and between their legs.

Ximazan have three sexes. They all start as workers, and may become either queens or drones later in life if they so choose. Queens and drones grow larger but are still intelligent bipedal people. Aside from height, the only other difference is that their organs begin to produce eggs or sperm. Workers have both sets of reproductive organs, but neither produce anything unless they become a queen or drone. Discontinueing the use of the magic shapeshifting material will cause them to revert back to a worker.


Ximazan live together in large hive systems where everyone except the queen’s mates are related to one another. Every hive is typically underground, within caves or deep burrows. The queen and drones are usually the leaders of the hive, but less in the monarch way, and far more in the way where they're literally the parents of all hive members so age and experience leads to them being most respected and listened to. Sometimes the eldest siblings will have authority and will be the ones to decide who does what job.s

In hives, all resources are shared but personal property is supposed to be respected. Punishment for stealing varies. Every individual will ideally have one small burrow to sleep in and keep their belongings in. But just because that's ideal, doesn't mean that's universal.

Due to their unique palate and digestive system, their food is rather unappetizing to everyone else. Not everyone thinks raw bird liver fermented in honey, stuffed with herbs, and dusted with crushed bone fragments is yummy.


♦ While usually drone and queen relationships involve one queen dating several drones, it is rare but socially acceptable for drones to date eachother or for multiple queens to be in one hive.

♦ Despite being the second most populous species (behind dolorvirr), ximazan are a pretty uncommon sight to see outside of hives. Most of the time when they leave their hive, it's just temporary travel to trade items with other communities. Lone ximazan are so rarely seen, they frequently get asked if they are lost and if they need help finding their way home.

♦ Ximazan may creep some people out and invoke feelings of the uncanny valley in them. For some, their appearances take some getting used to. Especially with their wide always-open eyes and jaws that don't move as they speak.


Rather outdated. Worker average height has been raised, average queen and drone heights remain the same. Also the art is way too old.

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