Wecome to Rhune!

Rhune is a fantasy world built on the ashes of a more realistic one. The sudden introduction of magic induced an apocalypse and rapidly mutated everything around it. A few thousand years have passed since then and society has slowly been putting itself back together, now with the help of furries and other miscellaneous fantasy critters.

This site is a massive work in progress!

A digital drawing of Demonhand, Offal, and Deja together in a hotel room.

- 5/16/22 -
Fixed broken image on home page.
- 4/29/22 -
Added nice dolorvirr lady to character hub. Made character hub links go to toyhouse instead (I will eventually rewrite the pages and host their info here.) Edited sophont page in preparation of dragons. Yeah I decided that dragons are sapient actually so yeah. Removed all sophont reproduction info and moved it to this age-gated toyhouse literature so I can add more than just the base details while preventing minors from viewing it. Edited the index warning to reflect that there are no longer mild sexual references on this site.
- 4/28/22 -
Corrected an out of date fact in general worldbuilding.
- 4/25/22 -
Misc grammar and such edits.
- 4/18/22 -
New index image :). Updated all species pages except basytier. Added height chart to sophonts hub. Added /dem to banner array. Made a template for future writing projects ;)
- 3/29/22 -
Updated astronomy information.
- 3/23/22 -
Updated basytier page.
- 3/10/22 -
Made character page for Aladar.
- 3/8/22 -
Updated /gays and added it back to banner array.
- 3/7/22 -
Added a button that tells you a random fact to the homepage. Added a little "last updated" thing to the bottom of pages. Changed /home layout a bit. Updated gen worldbuilding a bit. Navbar changes: Replaced Other Pages with Site Banners, replaced About and Links page with About Me + Links. New about page has been combined with links and is hosted on my personal site now. Temporarily hid /art. Removed /plot and added its contents to /ialwd.
- 3/5/22 -
Fixed CSS, adjusted image storage, and edited layout and contents of astronomy page. Been working on a personal website to host the more personal articles and test pages for this one.
- 3/4/22 -
Messy update to astronomy page. Fixed mini-titles on all sophont pages.
- 3/2/22 -
Ah, screw it, added astronomy page to navbar even if it isn't totally finished.
- 3/1/22 -
Began work on astronomy page!
- 2/27/22 -
Temporarily removed /gays from banner array due to moon being outdated... Again. Added /galaxy to banner array. You can now view my unofficial worldbuilding notes on the google docs linked in the site trello board so you can see what I'm working on behind the scenes.
- 2/26/22 -
Removed history from navbar temporarily as I'm considering a very massive history overhaul regarding the source of magic! Generally all you need to know is Rhune was once realistic and earth-like with only humans, magic appeared somehow, that ended human society and sped up evolution, the magic faded so it eventually was safe but still usable. this is still canon, but I'm thinking about changing where magic came from. Also, Rhunes about to get more realistic n scientific! I got universe sandbox and am making rhune in it :3. Changelog is now titled changes.
- 2/24/22 -
Reworded /qna a bit. Added new index image. Ehehe, I finally got an art tablet yesterday so I admit I've been drawing rather than coding in my spare time. Did you know that previously, I would sketch in real life then trace over a picture of the sketch with my mouse? Yeah, all this digital stuff was either done with my mouse on desktop, or fingers on my phone. Not anymore!
- 2/22/22 -
I'm gonna pretend it isn't just past midnight here so I can write 22222 as the date ok guys. Added /qna page for answers to tumblr prompts regarding worldbuilding! Temporarily removed locations and flora and fauna from navbar since those just 404 anyways.
- 2/21/22 -
Okay actually added trello board to navbar, thats a much easier way to organize my plans and ideas.
- 2/20/22 -
Resized home page elements, h1, and content padding for mobile-only display. Slight edits to the format of /links. Rhune's moon now canonly has rings, the header image showing the moon has been edited to reflect this. Reworded index again and this time posted the Not-As-Much-Of-A-WIP placeholder image.
- 2/19/22 -
Changed layout of home page. I made a to-do list on toyhouse to hold notes.
- 2/18/22 -
Reworded index and added a snow effect to it.
- 2/17/22 -
Added jquery code to carry navbar html across all pages automatically. Adjusted navbar links. Added "pages" to the Other section of the navbar.
- 2/16/22 -
Added links to bottom of all sophont pages to make navigations easier, hopefully? Remade dolphin emulator tutorial and linked it in links.
- 2/15/22 -
New favicon. Adjusted changelog for easier reading. Put site button above changelog. Edited about page and added comment section for funsies (and bug reports if yall catch any.) Added another image the banner array. Made a page dedicated to showing all array images for those curious and those mobile-bound since the banner is hidden on mobile.
- 2/14/22 -
SITE REVAMP IS LIVE?!?!!?!?!?!?! Screenshots of old layout here. Every change after this point will once again be written down. Remade character pages for the main trio.
- 2/12/22 -
Added rising hearts cursor effect to index that will be here until the 14th. Happy valentines day! Oh yeah, I'm still working on the code revamp too, no worries.
- 2/11/22 -
I've begun work on the new base code for the site! The change will not be drastic and will probably look almost identical, but im making it so itll be much easier for my future self to edit.
- 2/9/22 -
Added more to about page. Added more to general worldbuilding. Corrected outdated information on history page.
- 2/8/22 -
Added more to characters page. Removed silly from navbar and put it at the bottom of my about page. Added a box to about stating my planned changes for this site.
- 2/7/22 -
New layout for characters page. Changed test drive embed from youtube to spotify. Updated navbar links.
- 2/6/22 -
Changed color scheme of locations pages. Edits to ximazan page images. Added info to general worldbuilding, animals, and silly. Made holidays page. Made page for kralagkos, added him to characters list. Ch anged how javascript was coded into all pages. Silly has undergone mitosis, now Links is its own page and silly is JUST for code testing.
- 2/5/22 -
Fixed typo on dragon spires and about pages. Fixed mobile image size issues on index, silly, general worldbuilding, ialwd, history, and dolphin tutorial. Modified silly. Replaced dividers with my own original divider. Made page for animals and for the dolorvirr shark festival Brul. Tested out a metric fuckton of javascript bullshit. Made code for eventual new landing page.
- 2/4/22 -
Made main location page and pages for all named locations and filled some of them out. Added next and previous buttons to all location, cast, and species pages. Added general worldbuilding information to... to general worldbuilding information, where else?
- 2/3/22 -
Created the base version of Dem and Deja's character pages as well as some world pages. Added music embed right up there. I love httyd so much I'm gonna CRY... Made changelog a bit taller for easier reading. Added dolphin tutorial to misc. Made CSS for world section. Added sword cursor to site. Added more links to navbar. Painstakingly re-organized where and how background image files are stored, not that anyone other than myself would ever notice.
- 2/2/22 -
Created the alpha version of ALL species pages along with IALWD plot page. Experimented with color scheme of all CSS sheets so each section looks different.
- 2/1/22 -
Worked on base for species pages. Made "alpha version" of Offal's page. Added more funsies to silly and created simplesilly as a less obnoxious alternative. Picked away at main html. Made an about page, took personal info out of silly. Created alpha version of ximazan, kralagkine, and basytier species pages.
- 1/31/22 -
Worked on base for character pages. Added custom text selection colors. Added rainbow hover links (I made the hover link desaturated but don't know how to slow it down, let me know if it is still too flashy? Contact info is in the link listed below this box). Speaking of which, added the silly page and a few other misc things.
- 1/30/22 -
Added changelog. Edited index more. Added many more pages and images for my future self to develop. Fought for my life to make the navbar centered. Added gifypet to 404 page.
- 1/29/22 -
Made site. Probably did some other stuff while I was at it.
A small pixel gif of Offal. They are standing upright and bounching up and down slightly.

DISCLAIMER: Because this site is information heavy and intended for long periods of reading, I have been very light with the effects. If you have any issues still, let me know. Equal access to stuff matters more to me than aesthetics.

This site was made and optimized for desktop. I did my best to make the mobile version readable, but a lot of small fun stuff is desktop-only.